Are you being rewarded for your patronage? Why not? Join the customer revolution! We reward customers for supporting the businesses in our community.  Simply purchase your products and services from our business partners and earn loyalty points that pay you back in CASH! 

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The story of Bob

Bob is a loyal customer, the type that continues to return to the same businesses regularly.  It has been this way for many years.  He sat back one day and wondered how much money he had spent over the years with his loyal support for his grocer, his butcher, his hardware store, his internet service provider, and so on.  On reflection it felt like a one-sided relationship.  What was he getting back for his loyalty? What made THEM deserving of his patronage?

Bob joined the DNA Community.

When Bob supported the businesses in the DNA Community, he was always rewarded.

With every purchase he earned loyalty points.  Points that accumulated and didn't dictate where and how he could spend them.  No.  His points entitled him to CASH. No discounts, no "only at participating stores". None of that.  He got hard cash back, to do with it what he chose, after all it was his reward for loyalty.

Bob was also supporting a community of businesses that believed in the value of community.  Where community means we no longer just look out for ourselves, we look out for each other and develop opportunities for each other and find a way where we all win. 


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