A Connector is a person who maintains contact with many people in many different worlds and knows them well enough to give them a call. 

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The story of Annie

  Annie is a teacher. She could do with some extra income outside of her day job.  Besides that she enjoys helping out family and friends.


Annie joins the DNA Connector Communit.


She has a large network of personal and professional contacts. She tells her contacts about the products and services she thinks they would be interested in, like the Earth Friendly Cleaning Products which is attractive to many of the moms in her groups. Some of them like the sound of this and buy these products right away.  They use Annie's DNA Connector code when making their purchases because they want to support Annie - they know she makes 5% commission on every sale.  They also know that when they purchase products via the DNA Community, they get loyalty points, which they can exchange for cash. Annie's friends now buy their monthly cleaning products using Annie's DNA Connector code every month.  Annie gets notified each time they make a purchase and sees her commission rolling in.  

>>> Want to be like Annie and earn simply from referring family and friends? 

Join the DNA Connector Community

Becoming a DNA Connector and making money from referring products and services from the businesses in our community is simple.

Here's how:

  1. Join the DNA Community to become a DNA Connector.

  2. Take a look at the products and/or services that the businesses in our community have on offer in our Connector Program.

  3. We will assign you a unique DNA code to be used every time the contacts you connected us with (family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, just about anyone), make a purchase.

  4. Accept the Connector T&C's we will give you through an easy online link.

  5. You will receive shareable marketing material to circulate amongst your network to promote the products & services you are sharing with your contacts. We will also send you regular updates, tips and new opportunities.

  6. When a purchase is made by your contact, using your code, you receive a percentage of the sale, in cash.

  7. Easy as that. No ordering, no delivering required from you.  Just word of mouth.  We do the rest.


Questions?  We're on standby to help get you going on your Connector journey, contact us at and we'll be in touch sooner than you think!

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