What is your Connector Promise?

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

When developing your Connector Program, think about what your promise is to your connector.  And make it genuine.  Connector are not to be approached with gimmicks and empty promises.  They have contacts which are precious to them, so both them and their contacts need to feel respected and feel that they are in a mutual beneficial relationship.   At DNA we strive to develop Connector Programs that fit into what our Connectors would describe as their 'perfect connector world'. It looks like this:

  1. Pay me every week

  2. Show me the full name of everyone that used my connector code, because those are my connections, not DNA's

  3. Never kick me out for not selling enough. Even if someone uses my connector code once in five years, it will always be available for my connections to use

  4. Never allow paid membership because it is not fair to those who cannot afford it

  5. Support me with the tools I need to easily sell your products/services

  6. Be there.  Be present. Take my feedback constructively so we can address barriers to connector success.

We strive to develop this perfect world for our connector.  They are as important to us as their contacts are to them. Are you a business wanting to develop a connector program?  Do you want our connector community to sell your products/services?  Contact us to make it happen.

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