She turned a miserable day job into a side income

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Employee follows her passion for writing and creates an online side hustle.

And she didn't quit her day job right away.  First she secured a steady side income, ironed out all the pain points in making the side hustle work for her and them steadily built up a loyal customer base. And, she had some fun!

During December 2018 Patricia was in a miserable day job.  She was earning less than she could, working long boring hours, wasting weeks away waiting for the weekend to arrive only to wake up to the Monday blues.  She knew she had to do something.  She was very motivated to create change.  She had tried alternatives sources of income before.  Patricia had been a single mother for a long time.  Because of all her struggles and ups and downs in life she calls herself the queen-of-to-figuring-out-how-to-make-a-little-money!

Still, she wasn't sure what to do.

There was one thing she knew how to do.  She previously wrote articles for magazines and sometime acted as a ghost writer for others publishing books.  So she thought she will try that again with the hope of making some extra money to make ends meet for a while.  So she started working on that and she did make some money on the side.  All the while writing her own novel.

At the same time she created a new resource of income.  She published an online journal about writing and publishing focusing on what it takes to write a novel.  She soon had over 500 online subscribers to her online journal and she knew she was on to something.  These were free subscribers.  They just signed up for the resource but for a long time she had the idea to create a year long novel writing course.

So she created a project using GumRoad and then sent out an email to all of her online journal subscribers.

And to her surprise people started signing up to her course.  She didn't leave it at that, she continued refining the course and loyal to her customers continued to improve and relaunch that course content.  She then made this her main project.  Putting all her time and energy into this new source of inspiration.  She also created additional sources of income like selling a planner for writers.

And, she never stopped writing that novel of hers.  She proved to herself and her course subscribers that she could in fact write her own novel.  Something she had always dreamt about.  

Once she stopped seeing this project as her financial answer she started enjoying what she did and inspired many others along the way.

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