The thing about side hustles

Freedom and security.  Created through the world of side hustles.

It's about creating an income generating income without quitting your day job.  It doesn't have to be about entrepreneurship.  Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.  There are lots of people who like their jobs or otherwise can't quit their job right now to pursue something that may or may not work.  The entire focus at the Side Hustle community at DNA is to support people who are looking for a source of income in addition to their job or for those who might have lost their job.  A side hustle also provides a creative outlet and a backup plan.  When you have more than one source of income, you’re no longer dependent on a single employer. You’ll have much greater opportunity. You’ll learn new skills.  When you have more than one source of income  every month, you feel better about yourself. You look to the future differently, and you consider a wider set of options as you make decisions.  With a side hustle you don't have to make a huge commitment.  The stakes are low and the potential is high.

Remember, you don't have to quit your job. It's all about creating options and possibilities so that you can then do what's best for you.

Who knows, you might end up quitting your job because your job is going so well, but we by no means encourage you to do so in a hurry.

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