The most important skill for business people.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

What's the most important skill for entrepreneurs?

SALES they all shout!

It's not sales, or hiring, or programming, or anything like that.


Creativity is the fuel for the entrepreneurial fire. Like oxygen—without it, nothing will burn.

Every business, every project, every side hustle starts with an idea - a creative spark.

Until you create something, you have nothing to sell, nothing to inspire others, nothing to dent the universe with.

" But I'm not an artist or a musician."

The definition of creativity is too narrow.  Sure, I'm not composing sonnets or painting original murals, but I am creative — I have created businesses, crafted thousands of blog posts, complied presentations and presented to thousands of people, developed intricate software solutions so blue chip companies and built websites — those works of art qualify as creative work.  Finding solutions to problems.  Whenever you have made something, found a solution to a problem, made the world a better place, you made something, you designed something, you created a solution to a problem.  In my book that is what creativity is.

And the thing is, you are creative too.  Like any skill, creativity can be exercised and improved upon with practice. 

Here are some ways to bring that creativity to the surface that work for me.

1. Read

2. Listen to podcasts

3. Watch Youtube videos

4. Talk to like-minded people

5. Change your environment

6. Find a hobby

7. Drink coffee

8. Draw. Sketch.

Why does creativity matter?  It's what makes us human. It's what makes us entrepreneurs.  It inspires.

Now, go make it happen!

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