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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

DNA is a growing community of hard working entrepreneurs. Our community has two goals in common: Financial freedom.  Personal freedom. Won't you join our community? A project close to our hearts is focused on side hustles.  Helping you (and ourselves) earn extra money without quitting your job. What is a side hustle?  It is something you do to earn money outside your traditional job. A side hustle is:

  • breaking mind-numbing traditional work

  • doing it because you enjoy doing it

  • getting it done!

A side hustle is not:

  • ripping people off

  • easy money

  • dull

The first thing to do is getting that mindset right!  Without an optimistic, i-can-do-this, i-want-to-do-this, get-things-done attitude you will not succeed.  A side hustle is something that you want to do, unlike with traditional jobs that most people hate. A side hustle helps you get control of your own freedom, your financial independence and it can be a good distraction from the ordinary day-to-day grind. No else is going to do it for you.  And that is what is so exciting.  You own it, You create it. It belongs to you!  You're not doing stuff that makes others rich. And it is all about attitude!  Attitude is free!  And anyone can do it! And, we're here to help - reach out to DNA!

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