Sales vs Marketing: which is more important?

Let's look at some of the differences.  By no means a blueprint.  Just our thoughts.

Marketing is about storytelling.  Sales is about asking questions.

Let me give you an example. You go to a business and ask: "How many employees do you have?  How many computers do you need?"  So you ask questions, gather data and then make a recommendation.  They then buy or don't buy.  That is asking questions.

A storytelling example.  My name is Alan, i own a business.  We realised we spend so much time managing our tasks that we ended spending less time on growing the business.  We realised things had to change so we started looking for a software application to help us managing tasks and projects affectively.  So we decided on the "Get-Things-Done" application and now at last we focus on the right stuff.

Sales is math.  Marketing is art.

Art is when you create something like music, a painting, drama, a new way of doing things.  Sales is logical like 1+1=2.  No one leaves a maths class going home and can't wait to tell their mom about this emotional moment they just had in maths class.  "I mean mom, i connected, i reminded me of a previous experience."  No one does that for maths.

On the other hand drama, art, music.  You sit there in drama class.  Mary comes on stage and she does this Shakespeare part and you sit their and go "oh my gosh!"  She was amazing, she made you cry! "i can't believe i cried!"  You go home and you tell you mom. "Mom, i cried in drama class today! Mary made me cry!" "I can't believe i cried!"  And then you tell your sister "It was amazing. It was beautiful."  You share that experience. 

We experience drama, art and music.  We don't experience math that's logical.  Both effective but one you share and one you don't.

Linear vs exponential.

Here's another difference between sales and marketing.

You're the CEO of your company.  Your company didn't meet its target last quarter.  Now, in order to reach your targets this quarter you immediately drive sales, right?  Because it's immediate.

When everything is looking good, your numbers this quarter looks good and you want your numbers to go up next year you focus on marketing.  An example: last year we sold 2000 policies in one month.  This year we sold 5000 policies in one month.  We had marketing campaigns, roadshows, campaigns and it all contributed to increased sales.

Capitalisation vs generating

One of the conversations you often hear in business is about generating leads.

Sales is about converting leads.  Marketing is about generating leads.  This girl gets a lead and then goes sells it hoping to convert the lead into a sale.  Sales chases leads.  Marketing brings in leads, it doesn't chase leads.

People vs product.

Sales people are about selling themselves first.  "Let me tell you why i can take care of you."  "Here's what i can do for you."  "This is what i am good at." "Here's the company i represent."  "Here's the products and services we offer."  People first.

Marketers say "This is our product.  This is our service."  "This product can change your life." Product first.

Both matter.

Return on investment.

Sales people will tell you about the sales they made last quarter and about the numbers they made. You can measure sales.

Marketing.  How do you measure it.  You can't measure marketing.  It is about long term.  If they get one right then everyone will talk about it until the end of days.

Both matter.  Someone's got to do the selling.  Someone's got to do the marketing.

Salary vs commission.

Marketers get paid a salary.  No matter what they do they will get paid.  Sales people earn commission.  If they don't sell they don't make money.

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