Sales & Leads – the wrong question to ask.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

The question shouldn’t be “How do i find better clients.” The better question is “How do better clients find me?”

Are you easy to find? Write down the top three ways that someone is going to find you. Top three: referral, referral, referral.

So we make it really hard for people to find us. Don’t make it hard to find you!

So how do we do that? On TV? That’s not going to happen. So, they type in something and search. We want to make it easy for our clients to find US.

Here’s one way to consider. You have thousands of photos on your phone and you save hundreds of inspirational photos from Pinterest, Instagram or where-ever in a folder on your computer. So here’s what you do. scroll through all of them and when you find an interesting photo, write something about it. Write something that creates value for the people that are looking for me, for my business – the service/value i provide with my business.

Let’s say i restore old knives. Well, go take photos of old knives and write something about it. Write something of value. Sooner or later the people looking for experts in the restoration of knives go up. People consume content. Give them content. When you watch something on TV or Youtube or where ever that are of interest to you, take notes. Type it on your phone, write it down on a little notepad. Write down what you learn and then write your own thoughts on it. Share it. So the note taking creates social media micro content! Also make sure you select the right social media channel for your content. Do it all the time. Figure out where your audience is at. Be it Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube or whatever. Remember, we want to make it easy for them to find us.

Make those social media channels you choose your diary to let it out there to the world. Make sure that you always market to your people. Don’t be noisy on social media. Give three peaces of content that is valuable, then ask for a sale. Be genuine. Be open. Be transparent.

Make it easy for people to find you.

A last thought: market to marketers. Why? Marketers want to sell. Give them something to sell.

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