Questions to consider when selecting an Connector Program

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The product/service

  • Is this something you think your contacts would actually want? If its something you would want, it helps make it a natural sale for you as you can speak from experience.

  • What benefit will this product/service bring to their lives? Does it solve a problem? Is there a need for it?

Your contacts

  • Do you have contacts that are ideally suited to the product/service? If its cleaning products and you have a lot of contacts doing the grocery shopping for their home then yes you have a perfect fit!

  • If not, do you have an easy way to find the right contacts for this product/service?

Making money

  • Is the product/service something that would get repeatedly purchased? Remember, you earn each time they purchase!

  • Is the product/service something that your contact would refer to their contacts? Is it talk-able?  Then it can start selling itself. (make sure they all use your referral code)


  • Are you being provided with marketing tools to keep the word out there? Yes, advertising in general but also viral and shareable content you can share with your contacts regularly.

  • Is there enough information (on the website for example) for your referrals to understand the product/service and easily make the sale? Then they rely on you less and there are no barriers in their purchase process.

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