How to sell in such a noisy market place

"Go ahead! Sell me this pen!"

Selling and closing is about three powerful secrets!  Use these secrets to sell anything to anyone!

Secret number one

People don't buy because of logic, people buy because of emotion and they justify with logic.  Figure out why people want to buy.  If you go through the layers of decision making you will realise people (including you) buy because of emotions. Do they buy from you to save money, or because they are generous (to donate to charity or buy for someone else in need), or do they want to surprise a family member with a birthday gift they have always wished for?  Ask yourself why are they buying?  Then, construct your approach on your new found knowledge.  Don't just talk about the features and benefits.  Push those emotional buttons!

Remember this:   people buy because of emotion, your job is to have empathy.

Secret number two

People buy something because they have a problem they want solved.  They want to buy their way out of their problem.  People don't buy a drill, they want a hole in the wall.  So ask yourself what is it that you are helping them solve?  They want to hang a picture on the wall.  To do that they need to drill a hole in the all so they need a drill bit, or double sided tape or a hook and hammer. Help them hang the picture!

Remember this: the amount of money you make is in direct proportion to how well you understand your marketplace's pain.

Secret number three

People don't buy products and services, they buy stories!  When there are so many choices on the market think of how you stand out, how do you add emotion to a commodity, like a pen.  What is the difference between a R10 pen and a R5 000 pen?  Attach a story to that R5 000 and it becomes a hundred times more valuable.  Both pens write, both pens have different stories.  Get a story into everything you do.  Tell your story, tell the story of the thing you sell.  Most important: what is the customer's story?  Start your sentences with "Just imagine....."

Remember this: facts tell, stories sell.

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