How to sell a product or service

There's an ancient Chinese proverb that says:

Hearing something a thousand times is not as convincing as seeing it once.

When most people want to sell they focus on what do i need to say?  They use smarter words, better scripts and even more words than required.  That can be good. But, there is a better way. Before you start speaking, ask yourself this: How can i show and not just tell?  How can i by showing, create trust and help the customers decision making? It does not matter what business you're in or what products or service you offer.  These is so much noise in the market place.  There is so much competition.  All fighting for attention of the consumer.  So how do you stand out? Most sales people yell from the top of their voices telling customers they are the best in the world and give them a million reasons why to buy from them.  And most do that all day long.  Even entrepreneurs do that! Or, you could do the opposite.  You could simply show the customer something.  Get them involved.  Don't ask them what size shoe they wear or "How can i help you?".  Before you speak to them, watch what shoes they look at and take off the shelve.  Figure out their shoe size and then, then you involve them.  Ask them to hold the shoe box for you while you undo the shoe lace so that they can try on that hand picked shoe you just from out back in the store room.  Right there is when you do magic - you show them something. Don't push the size or colour - too much talking.  Bring them a mirror and show them how beautiful it looks and tell them to imagine that it will look even better on at a day at the races! You and the customer know she's never going to the races but in their minds she imagines that.  And she imagines everybody admiring her shoes.  Bingo!  Sale! Look for that dramatic demonstration.  That one thing you can show the customer that they can associate with, that they can imagine. Remember the question the customer is always asking: "Can i trust this person, this brand, this company?"  They also ask "Is this person, this brand, this company, competent?"  And, they ask "Is this person, this brand, this company, special?"  All that and the decision about yes or no on whether to make the purchase goes through their mind while you are talking.  So, make it easier for them.  Help them decide.  Show them the answers, don't tell them the answers.

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