Get them to buy!

Would you like to convince more of your customers to buy more from you more often?

Here is a simple yet powerful technique.  It is very simple and something you can apply today! It has nothing to do with gimmicks or your sales pitch.  It has everything to do with your offer.  Tweak little things in your offer that will convince your customers to buy more from you.

When customers look at your offer they think of only one thing: do i want to buy this or don't i want to buy this?  A yes or no response.  The sub-conscious mind makes those decisions.  The sub-conscious mind only knows yes or know, it doesn't know the meaning of maybe!

They think: can i afford this, focusing on price.  Remember, they need to arrive at yes or no.  So what do we do?  We give them two choices!  For example a big popcorn at the movies or a small popcorn.  Chances are they will pick a popcorn and that is your goal, right?!  Also remember, most people want to play it safe so by giving them two choices you no longer let them decide whether they want to buy a popcorn, you let them think about which one!

Decide which of the two choices you want to sell to them and make that offer very compelling.  Use the other offer to help them reach a conclusion that they actually want to buy the offer you want them to buy!  Don't forget: our sub-conscious brain only thinks in yes or no, there is no maybe.  Help that sub-conscious mind of the customer to help you sell!

Remember: still give them value!

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