First 100 to get to 1 million!

To help 100 businesses. We won't stop there (our goal is 1 million!) but setting a realistic start sets our foundation for where we're headed. When in the distance our targets or goals seem untouchable but chipping away bit by bit is our approach to reaching our destination. We remind ourselves every day of where we are headed to fuel our daily purpose and to never lose sight of what we're fighting for. Yes, it's our purpose, our cause, our reason for existing that we are chasing every day, every moment. Staring it in the face each day, till we reach 100, is our daily motivator, because breaking down our target into chunks makes us remember we can and that it is possible. This is how we make sure we conquer our ultimate quest. We don't think about 1 million today, today we think about our first 100. The ones that we start our journey with, the ones that set our base and remind us that we did it, and we can do it again 100 times over till we get to where we are going. You probably know your ultimate target or destination - whats your first milestone? Set it today!

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