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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Helping others make their dream come true started to take up a lot of time.  We soon realised we started a business.  But we didn't want to start a business! We were already living our dream life of creating business opportunities and inspiring others to follow their dreams.  We just wanted to do what we enjoyed doing: helping others make their dreams come true.  We wanted no distraction.  So we decided to keep the business from growing too much!  So we had to think in a way that was the opposite of ambitious!  So we wrote down our utopia-making-a-dream-come-true deal for our DNA Community.  From our members' point of view. In a perfect world my DNA affiliate program will:

  1. Pay me every week

  2. Show me the full name of everyone that used my affiliate code, because those are my connections, not DNA's

  3. Never kick me out for not selling enough. Even if someone uses my affiliate code once in five years, it will always be available for my connections to use

  4. Never allow paid membership because it is not fair to those who cannot afford it

And that's it!  That is our DNA Affiliate Program mission! We wrote this on the DNA Community website, put them up on a wall in our studio, spoke about it in blogs, talked about it at conferences and made sure that everyone we worked with knew them. They key point is that we're not trying to make a big business, we were just imagining how one little thing would be in a perfect world.  How one little thing can help and inspire others. When you make it a dream come true for yourself, you will make it a dream come true for someone else.

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