Day Twenty Nine. 24/7/365.

When you have seriously taken the leap and committed to your new venture, success lies in dedication. What does it mean to be dedicated to your passion? It means you don’t stop. Being open to ideas and opportunities means you don’t shut down. When you shut yourself off in the evenings, weekends and other times, it means lost ideas, lost opportunities, lost energy for your business.

This does not mean you never take a break or rest. We know the value of stepping back – it brings forth more energy to continue going strong. Being dedicated means openness even at times that may not seem ideal. In fact, downtime is often rife with opportunity and when you remain open, it’s yours for the taking. Work mode becomes a constant state where you view the world through the lens of your passion. It’s a mindset, a way of living, it becomes your new normal, and you and your business grows while life is lived.

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