Day Thirty Six. Make peace and let go.

Sometimes we get to a point where something isn’t working and we reach ‘the end’. We are either forced to get to that point or we make the call. To hang on or to let go? When we hang onto something that has run its course, has proved it is not working or is already done, means we stop ourselves from moving forward. We live in the past. And this gives power to further destruction. Why? Because we don’t move forward, we don’t see opportunity and we are filled with the feeling of post purchase dissonance – regret and worry over something that cannot or is unlikely to change.

But when we are brave enough to accept the end and make peace, we deal with it, learn from it, and begin to grow. Our perspective is changed, we are wiser and we notice opportunity like never before. Making peace means we let go of the attachment from what was and open ourselves up to what could be. How exciting an end can be when you make peace!

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