Day Thirty. Crafts People.

A craftsperson battles for perfection. Never willing to give in or walk away. We’re DNA Experience Design. We create experiences from the ground up. Using the tools we feel comfortable with and used by pioneers before us. We weren’t always free experience designers. We worked office hours chasing money and titles. And it nearly broke us!

So we threw it all away and started over. We decided to create what we believe in. To feed our souls. And we have never looked back.

We believe there’s a craftsperson in all of us. So join us on a quest. To uncover the skills and mindset that build our society. One craftsperson at a time. We will discover what drives the men and women that we call our heroes. We will learn their craft. And maybe even find some inspiration along the way. There is a part of you in everything you do. Your legacy. A craftsperson’s legacy.

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