Day Thirteen. When to start.

Today we learnt about starting too soon. Know the phrase ‘failure to launch’? We know that waiting for everything to be perfect before starting means you never really start. Why? Because nothing is ever perfect, and we cannot predict everything, so we need to launch in order to start our real learning. These learnings help us tweak our offering and that’s how we get better.

But we never gave enough thought to the pitfalls of the reverse: starting too early. We’ve learnt that starting too early, with not enough thinking and preparation is a major drawback thats difficult to come back from (not impossible!). Why? Because the excitement to launch is replaced with disappointment and wasted time, effort and money. Sometimes the excitement of new ideas propels us into action but we have learnt the value of stepping back. There are always signs of concerns which shouldn’t be overlooked or belittled. Pay close attention and regroup. Then decide to launch or scrap and move on.

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