Day Sixty One. Don’t follow the crowd.

A lot say we can’t do what we do.  We’re fly-by-nights. Lucky. They advise others to ignore us.  These critics don’t understand how a company can reject growth, meetings, budgets, boards of directors, advertising, sales people and the real world, yet thrive.  That’s their problem. Not ours. They say you need to sell to the top corporates. Screw that! We sell to everyone!

They say you can’t share your secrets, methods, ideas or way of work and still withstand the competition. They are wrong.  They say you can’t possibly compete with the big boys. They say you can’t succeed by doing less than your competition. They say you can’t make it all up as you go.  But that is exactly what we’ve done!

They say a lot of things.  They are wrong. We have proved it.

We started this business to show you how to prove them wrong too.

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