Day Sixteen. Just get started.

Just get right into it. I distinctly remember how we asked ourselves early on we’re probably over-committing here. Do we really want to commit to doing a thirty day experiment back-to-back for a whole year? Forever? But then we said. “Screw it!” Let’s just give it a shot and see where it ends up.

We didn’t know what we were getting into. We didn’t know what challenges we would yet face but we just got started. And that’s probably the best thing we could have done. We realised: don’t overthink things, Don’t try and think through every hypothetical future problem or challenge that we’ll face. Let’s just get started. Let’s use that initial motivation and inspiration, that original spark to try something new,. And then we’ll figure out those problems as we get to them. But that’s not for right now. Right now is to JUST TAKE ACTION.

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