Day Seventy Two. Your company is a product.

Yes, your company makes things or provides services. But your company makes those things. That’s why your company should be your best product.

If you want to make a product better, you have to keep tweaking, revising and iterating. The same thing is true with a company.

Don’t just change what you make, change how you make it. Don’t let policies control. Don’t get stuck with yourself. When you think of your company as a product, you ask different questions. “Do people who work here kno how the company works? Is it simple or complex? Is it obvious how it works? What’s fast about it? What’s slow about it? Are there bugs? What’s broken that we can fix quick? What’s going to take a long time to fix?”

Your company as a product has to be usable. It has to be useful.

Realise the possibilities for improvement. You can start creating something new. Something better. Start by working on things for as long as it takes. Time box projects in six week cycles or one week cycles or whatever time frame. Iterate your way to what works for you. Figure things out as you go along. Figure things out. Work your way towards them.

Work at your company as hard as you work at your products or services. Think of your company in the same way as you would for different versions of your product. Today’s DNA is like version 5 of DNA. We got here by going there, trying that, and figuring out what works best.

It takes everyone involved to make it better.

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