Day Ninety Six. A lot say we can’t do what we do.

Some people consider us a management consulting company. Some call us an agency. But THAT makes us cringe. Management Consulting companies are known for giving advice and then charging people for what they (the clients) should have known all along. Agencies are known for doing the same, just in a cooler way. Most of them failing spectacularly. That’s not us.

We’re small, frugal, profitable and we believe in our team and our clients and our business partners.

A lot say we can’t do what we do. We’re fly-by-nights. Lucky. They advise others to ignore us. These critics don’t understand how a company can reject growth, meetings, budgets, boards of directors, advertising, sales people and the real world, yet thrive. That’s their problem. Not ours. They say you need to sell to the top corporates. Screw that! We sell to everyone!

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