Day Forty Three. Business is emotional.

Business is supposed to be about figures, operations, sales, you know, all the theory around bottom line profits and a well-oiled successful business. But … we don’t like conformity for a start, for us, business is actually emotional. A business is born from human idea/s. Its people who make it happen, people who run the business and who do we sell the product or service to? That’s right, people. So how can business not be emotional and how can we not make emotional decisions in the best interest of the business? When a customer and the people of the business connect from a human perspective, an emotional connection, we have something special. This is the heart of a meaningful sale which promotes loyalty and even referral. And… it fills the people in the business with meaning and purpose because they are fulfilling a human need. It’s actually about having integrity and actually helping people and people willing to give compensation for that kindness. Humanising business is essential to form lasting connections and keep businesses in check with true value creation. Then business happens… and multiplies.

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