Day Forty. Nothing is for free.

What is value anyway. Value is truly reached when one actually receives enough benefits from something given, be it money, time, effort, etc. And it’s not always about money exchanged for your product or service but other things are also up for exchange, things like advice, effort, kindness.

How do you reach a state of value? Honesty is a key criteria. We hold ourselves responsible for constantly critiquing what we are giving others and what we expect in return. In a mutually beneficial relationship it is essential to hold yourself up to high standards of giving but not to your detriment. This is also about balance. No, we don’t expect to receive for every little thing that is given but in the spirit of giving it tends to come around again on its own.

Don’t sell yourself short. Make sure value is received as much as it is given. And remember, giving is contagious and often returned in ways you never expect or imagine!

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