Day Forty Nine. The strength of many little customers.

We don’t want one or two big clients. Then we have to change our product and us for them. Who are we really working for then? Are we self-employed or is this client our boss?

We don’t want an organisation to practically own us. By trying so hard to please the big client, you will loose touch with the rest of the world.

So we designed our business to have lots of little clients. We don’t want to please the one big client. We want to please the majority. And ourselves. No client can tell us what to do. Because we do what we do for all our clients. As long as we keep our clients happy in general.

We hear the opinions of hundreds of people and stay in touch with what people want.

We don’t want to be megastars. We build our business on serving thousands of customers, not dozens, so we don’t have to worry about one customer leaving or making special demands. If most of your customers love what you do but one doesn’t, you can just say goodbye and wish them the best with no hard feelings.

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