Day Forty Five. Put people first.

Often when we talk to people we hurt people. Be careful of that wave of destruction. We need to regain trust. Often we don’t see people. We see pieces to a puzzle, we see a potential purchaser, we see zero’s and Rand signs, credit card swipes and bottom lines. Every Rand our company makes is a reason not to change. “That worked. We don’t need to change.” So a lot of the negative things we’ve done in our past we have tied to our success.

We need to pick at what we need to get rid of that is actually bad. And what do we need to keep that is actually good. It’s all back to basic principles. And it takes leadership. It’s not in your business plan or on a sign in foyer. Instead, it’s the things that our parents taught us! Like the very basic principles of life: don’t lie, love one another, be kind, share, be generous. We should be crushing it at these basic levels. It’s difficult. This is where we find success. When we can be these moral ethical and integrity type of leaders.

The most important ingredient to run a successful organisation? Emotional leadership. Stop seeing money as the primary goal. Money should be a by product of helping people. Focus on changing peoples’ lives. So shift that into purpose. Shift that into caring.

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