Day Five. Live what you say you are.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

If your business is built on a belief system, then this has to be evident in all you say and do. And this doesn’t just mean in the capacity of your business, but in the capacity of YOU. Why? Because that’s when people start believing. Otherwise, you’re just trying to sell them something you might not buy yourself. DNA believes in helping businesses that are real, believe in their products so much that they would buy it themselves, and put their customers first.

How do WE live it? You see it in all we do. We only work with people that share in our beliefs from partners to clients to suppliers. And we only buy from providers that share in our beliefs (I just changed my medical aid from a monopoly that makes me feel like a number, to a smaller provider with a better product who actually values my patronage.)

We want to share their stories so we’ll be adding links to them on our website and including them as our examples in our conversations so we can learn from them and share our belief’s ‘in situ’!

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