Day Fifty Two. Care about your customers more than yourself.

I was asked once “What if someone else starts doing what DNA does? Since that’d be the end of DNA, how do you plan to stop that?” I said “HonestlyIi don’t care about DNA. I only care about the people out there, the business owners, the starters, the entrepreneurs. If someday those people don’t need DNA anymore then that’s great! I’ll just shut it down and get back to connecting people on my own.” He was shocked. A business owner that says he didn’t care about the survival of his company?!

To me it is just common sense: you should care more about your customers than you care about yourself. Isn’t that rule number one of providing a good service? It’s all about them, not about you.

Don’t get trapped in survival mode. A business has started solving a problem. But if the problem is truly solved then that business would no longer be needed. Beware of not keeping the problem around so that you can keep solving it for a fee. Your company should be willing to die for your customers. That’s what business is all about: care about your customers more than about yourself and you will do well.

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