Day Eighty. Make A Dream Come True.

Helping others making their businesses matter was taking up a lot of our time. We realised we had accidentally started a business. But we didn’t want to run a business! We realised we were already living our full life making things that matter. We didn’t want anything to distract us from that.

So we decided to take an approach keeping the business from growing too much.

So we wrote down “a dream come true” deal from our clients’ point of view. The thinking behind this was to think with a different mindset – not one of running or growing a business.

In a perfect world, DNA would: – put me first – listen to me – help me find freedom – help me enjoy what i do (again) And that was it, DNA’s mission! And we put our manifesto up for everyone to see.

The key point was that we weren’t trying to make a big business, a big DNA. We were just day dreaming about how one little thing could make our clients live in a perfect world.

When you create a business you create a little world for yourself. Your perfect world. When you make it a dream come true for yourself, it will be a dream come true for someone else too.

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