Day One Hundred. Our Manifesto.

Updated: May 6, 2020

We will specialise. 
We will build communities not empires. 
We will focus on individuals not corporations.
We will be authentic. 
We will foster relationships for mutual benefit. 
We will be selective. 
We will collaborate for the greater good. 
We will build expertise rapidly. 
We will have real and meaningful conversations. 
We will be human centric. 
We will be curious and always ask more. 
We will focus on listening over being heard. 
We will diagnose before we prescribe. 
We will transform learning into ideas and solutions. 
We will rethink what it means to sell.
We will challenge the old. 
We will not change for change's sake but for betterment. 
We will iterate and not stop creating. 
We will be strategic, not tactical. 
We will be proactive not reactive. 
We will focus on value creation not profit making. 
We will not cheat the time it takes to build relationships. 
We will be transparent.

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