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Business problem 

The estate agent industry is in influx, from the independent one man businesses to the bigger corporates and franchises, competition is coming from all directions.  A swarm of service providers , all competing against one another to find home owners wanting to sell and home seekers wanting to buy.  Clients have become fickle - its a transactional relationship, whoever can find the house they want to buy or sell the house they have No matter how good the service or knowledge levels are, some get burnt along the way, but the fact remains - too much competition. How can an estate agency ever stand out in this climate when they al offer the same service?

The idea 

Swim in another direction. Move away from the mass and generic definition and service of what is means to be an estate agent.  Redefine yourself as a specialist and move away from the generalist offering in order to stand out.  A generalist finds buyers and sellers and puts them together in a transaction. Homesonline specialises by using their specialist knowledge in how to 'flip homes' in order to get the best price whether selling (to get the best price) or buying (make the best investment). This is not about putting buyer and seller together but rather about the wisest/most profitable sell or purchase you can make. This positioning brings something specialised to the market.  The ability to offer this requires specialist skills in renovating economically and efficiently as expertise is now required that many estate agents lack: expertise in project management, relationships with specialist trades who perform the renovation work, financial projecting in investment conversion, etc.  So if you want to sell your house, pick from one of the hundreds of estate agents out there.  If you want to be strategic about selling your home to make the most money from the sale, then speak to a company like homesonline.

The DNA business hacks 

Hack #1 Specialise.  Whatever is being offered by competitors make an obvious part of your business, not a stand out.  Your differentiation lies in your speciality - something few can offer.

Hack #2 Move away from transactional ways of doing business (product/service exchanged for cheapest cost) and move into a strategic exchange (specialised product/service for premium cost)

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