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Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Business problem

In a time where entertainment for children is all around us from jumping trampoline venues, to indoor racing cars, to painting shops and more, we at DNA asked ourselves about the price society pays for buying fun. And what’s more, the magic of using imaginations and being resourceful with our surroundings to create our own fun is diminishing. How can we be part of a lifestyle change in today’s rushed digital era. How we can get children to play games in the real physical world.

The DNA idea

We came up with the idea of Old School Games Cards. A simple deck of cards that can jog that memory and give parents/caregivers and their children hours of fun, the kind they used to have. We put these games back into their hands so that we can continue to pass them down to their children so they too can have memories of building forts, making card towers and running red rover! And, enjoy the same games with THEIR kids one day!

The DNA business hacks

Hack #1 Take opportunity in reviving and developing/innovating what worked before.

Hack #2 Build your proposition on a human truth.

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