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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

A successful connector is one who is able to convert what they advertise into a sale.  How though? Understanding your professional and personal network is the key to unlocking your connector success.  Think quality not quantity when engaging with your network about what you have to offer them.  The better you know and understand them, the greater your chances of matching your content (what you're selling) to their needs. When you blindly advertise all you have to sell to all your contacts - you quickly become white noise.  Your contacts need to feel that you thought of them when sending your message.  No this doesn't mean it needs to be a personalised message, it just means that you know enough about them to know that there is a good chance they would be interested in the product/service you are telling them about.

Keeping a record of your contacts and recording what you know about them will help you keep track of what you know and assist in your connector targeting strategies. You'll quickly be able to group them into common groups of interest for certain products. You will also have a better understanding of which contacts are more and less valuable to you as an connector.  This means you can better prioritise the loyal and the non-interested so you can focus your efforts.

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