A hack to leverage 'super-connector' contacts

A connectors contacts are their source of income.  A good connector understands each contact in terms of what to market and how to market it to them.  A GREAT connector goes one step further - identifying which contacts are 'super-connected'.  What do we mean by 'super-connected'?  Being super-connected means not only do you have a lot of contacts, but you have a lot of well established relationships with your contacts.  

Think about your hairdresser, they have a broad base of clients and a pretty well established relationship with each of them.  This would be one of your 'super-connected' contacts.  How would you leverage them as a connector?  You may sell to them, yes, but a smart connector hack would be to propose you work together with them.  Strike a deal. Perhaps you can share commission on any sales they refer for you, using your connector code? Make it worth their while to work though you and not become a connector themselves.  Many won't be bothered to become an connector member.  

Now go take another look at your contacts - who are your 'super-connected' contacts and how can you work a little smarter with them.

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