A business hack for loyalty: OldSchoolGames Collectables

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

During times of change, like in the case of Covid-19, some companies find themselves suddenly in high demand, like food and grocery delivery companies.  A swarm of new customers that they never had before.  But customers can be fickle - how do we keep them - how do we unlock loyalty?   With the rise of competition and the future lowering of lockdown, we think companies need clever ways to keep their customers coming back and stay away from that short lived success.  DNA assisted Old School Games with a loyalty business hack of their own! Old School Games has launched an initiative to help companies gain the loyalty of newly found customers (and current ones).  Their Old School Games cards have been introduced as a collectable loyalty initiative for companies.  Their customers receive an Old School Games card with each purchase over a certain amount (you choose). There are 30 cards to collect. Does a collectable loyalty scheme actually work you say?  Is it relevant for my business?

Yes. Watch and learn from the ones who did it before.  Remember the cricket super cards Pick n Pay launched ahead of the Cricket World Cup? Or the lego-like collectables to build a mini store that Checkers launched, or previously their Little Garden Kits and before that their Little Shop collectables of miniature versions of groceries? There is a ‘customer behaviour theory’ around collectables and how they begin to get symbolic value and become special as they draw in excitement and encourage repeat purchasing in order to receive the ‘reward’ (it's called the ‘reinforcement theory’). Interested? Contact us for more information and we'll put you in touch!

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