7 Days to get your startup or side hustle going

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Day 1 - The idea. The full, fleshed out and succinct idea.

Day 2 - What to launch. Exactly what people will get, what's included and what's excluded.

Day 3 - Get a business name.

Day 4 - Market.  Get your business in front of people. Decide whether to continue.

Day 5 - Get a website.

Day 6 - What does success mean?  Set goals.

Day 7 - Launch. 

Also consider:

  • Testing your idea by soundboarding it with trusted friends/family/mentors - sometimes it only makes sense in your head.  It must make sense to potential customers too.

  • Think about how funds may get generated.

  • Be clear on what makes you unique.

  • Understand how to keep your originality and provide ongoing value to customers.

  • Have you rationale as to why customers would buy from you.

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