3 Tips on starting your own business

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

1. One thing.In the beginning when you are launching your company, offer one thing and try to show as many examples of that one thing as possible. Why? Because people are information rich and time poor.  When you show too many things it is very confusing.  Over time you can start to expand services you offer.  Look at your core strengths, whatever it is that you think you do really well.  Offer that.  Stake a claim.  Say that you're an expert at it and prove that claim.

2. Be clear on your expertise.Let your business values and business DNA stand out.  If you want to for example state that you have a social cause, maybe helping those in need of shelter, then do so.  Be careful though not to confuse people with what it is you do, what your business is.  They might feel good that you help others (with a social cause).  They should first and foremost hire you for your expertise.  Perhaps you can add that you are good at understanding greater business problems and that you want to help THEM with their cause.

3. Simplify your offering. Don't make your services more complicated than they need to be.  Just make one service available.  If you have various services then let them support your one overall service.  Your various services should support the one thing that you offer. Example: a graphic design company offers logo design, website design, letterheads, SEO (search engine optimisation), and so on.  Consider *branding* as the offering and then your various services support the one thing that you offer.

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