A side hustle is an income earning project using the skills you already have and without quitting your day job. 

Interested in your own Side Hustle for extra income or just because it's something you love doing? Our community can help! 

Suppliers to set you up. 

Connectors to sell for you. 

Customers to buy from you.

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The story of Jo

Jo was a great baker and wanted to start a baking business to supplement her income.  She had a day job but decided she could bake in the evening and weekends.  She knew everything about baking but didn't know where to start when it came to business and making money out of it.


Jo joined the DNA Side Hustle Community.


DNA connected her with the suppliers she needed (from cake equipment and ingredients to an invoicing app and a tax consultant).  DNA also provided her with DNA Connectors who told their contacts about her cake making business to increase her sales.  DNA found her customers this way and also in other ways like some of their businesses who decided to use her for all employee birthday celebrations and another business who delivered flowers added her cakes to their offering.

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