Part 1: IDEAS - DNA Business Community: How it works

Part 2: CUSTOMERS - DNA Business Community: How it works

Part 3: CONNECTOR - DNA Business Community: How it works

Connect your business with ideas


The story of how a card game became a loyalty initiative to keep customers.  
Old School Games (OSG) is a deck of 30 cards each consisting of an Old School Game, with instructions - you know the games you used to play as a kid, passed down from generations, the time before iPads and mobile phones? Making paper planes, Hangman, and Running Red Rover - much needed wholesome games for today's generation. DNA turned these games into a collectible initiative.  Selling each card individually to businesses as their loyalty mechanism.  This saw restaurants and delivery companies rewarding customers with an Old School Games card free with every purchase (over a certain amount). The cards began to get symbolic value and became special drawing in excitement and encouraging repeat purchase in order to receive the ‘reward’. Shifting the direction of the OSG product into the collectable and loyalty space transformed this business.

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Connect your business with customers

The story of how a Fitness Organisation made sales without a sales team.  
In light of Covid-19, this fitness organisation needed to make drastic changes to their business to survive.  With the introduction of new products and services (Virtual Gym Memberships, Health Nutrition, and their nifty Fitness Kit word needed to spread.  The DNA Connector community referred these to their contacts.  DNA is paid a percentage of the converted sale. "DNA doesn't make money if you don't make money". 

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Your business becomes a connector

The story of how a Cleaning Products business created an additional revenue stream.  With a repertoire of environmentally friendly cleaning products, this company had a good customer base of shoppers concerned with wellness.  By signing up the business as a DNA Connector, they were able to introduce their loyal customers to non-competitive businesses (like the fitness organisation) and earn commission on every converted sale using their business DNA Connector code. Easy money for simply spreading the word to customers and channels they already had, and through channels they already.  

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