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Membership is FREE. Forever.

Because we want to build a community to inspire and do great things for business!  Because paying for membership is unfair, being in a business community is about making money together. We dont make money if you don't make money.

2. Find or be found by businesses in the community

Browse our growing yet intimate community of businesses composed of business professionals who are committed to develop meaningful, mutually beneficial business relationships with other like-minded businesses. 

Find a business that you’d like to meaningfully connect with. Remember, this community is not for leads but about business community members helping each other.  In the same way, other businesses will be browsing to find you!

3. Select the type of connection

All the businesses in our community want to connect with other businesses in meaningful ways, to be better, together.  Select the type of connection(s) you have in mind:


Share your customers 

>>> This means you think you share similar customers so you could refer your customers to them and they could refer theirs to your business.  Think of a fruit & veg delivery company and an environmentally friendly cleaning products company - two different businesses that could share their customers. We negotiate incentives to make the sharing worthwhile and rewarding.


Sell complimentary products/service

>>> Perhaps your business could benefit from selling other businesses' products/services or they yours.  Think of a hairdresser and a beauty salon selling one another's products. We negotiate special rates to make it a worthwhile and a rewarding revenue stream.


Collaborate on business ideas and ventures

>>> You may have a new idea in mind that requires a business to collaborate with, to bring your strengths together.  Imagine a fitness organisation teaming up with a food delivery company to offer customised nutritional plans with all the ingredients delivered in their monthly delivery. We facilitate the collaboration and idea creation to make it a worthwhile and rewarding connection for both businesses.

4. We will connect you meaningfully

DNA functions like an extension of your business development and marketing teams by connecting your business with clients, customers and businesses through our community.   


Our aim is to actively help community members grow their bottom line by finding ways for us to identify future business opportunities and those ideal customers for you, via connections. 


We take great care in vetting all members so that every business in the community is willing to be an advocate for one another. We facilitate in making the connection meaningful. We will be in touch with the next steps on facilitating the conversation with you and with the prospect you have selected. We stay in touch regarding the next steps in making the connection real. We arrange connecting you with the business, the detail around the connection, and facilitate the negotiation and agreement between businesses. We are constantly in touch with you throughout the process.

5.  Make business happen

Now it's up to you!  The deal is in place, the idea solidified, now for take off! 


We stay close to assist where we can if the connection requires more attention or fine tuning, and also if the connection scales quickly and we all need to keep up!


We continue to assist in more business connections - the opportunities are exciting and endless!

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