Our business community approach is the driving force in our business culture. You can’t create a community if everyone is just looking out for themselves. You need to look out for each other, develop opportunities for others, and find ways to make sure you all succeed. Community building is about the very real need for connection.

Membership is open to all, giving you access to all in our community. Be a partner, not an adversary.

Membership is FREE. Forever.

Because we want to inspire!  Because paying for membership is unfair to those who can't afford it!


  • free business consulting

    We call it business hacking.  Connecting people and business in clever ways.
    Developing unusual ideas that solve problems in innovative and smart ways.
    Creating new and better experiences that make people come back for more.

    featured business hack

    > Business inspiration

    Everyone needs cleaning products for the home.

  • business opportunities

    Receive business opportunities for services and products you have to offer.  We will connect you with potential customers and their business requests.

    featured opportunity

    > Printing services required

    We are looking for a printer company to be our exclusive partner for our Old School Games collectable cards.

  • connector partnerships

    Grow your sales and revenue by developing an Connector Program for your business. Our premium connector network allows you to leverage a growing community of connectors keen to market your products and services.

    featured connector program

    > Offer your products and services 

    Our premium connector network for products and services allows you to choose from a growing list of connectors keen to market your products and services.

  • business resources

    Access to a business toolkit of inspiration and practical application of how to business hack through blogs posts, articles, templates, how to's and even discounts from our DNA members's businesses!

    featured resource

    > Three tips on starting your own business

    Focus on one thing, be clear on your expertise, simplify your offering

  • advertise your business

    Tell your story and get featured.  Publish a blog, feature in DNA’s blogs, showcase your company to the DNA community as a 'featured business'.

    featured business

    > Property consultants

    We help property sellers make the best return on their home investment for their next life venture.

  • website builder

    Are you planning to launch a new website or replacing an existing website? 

    website builder

    > Exclusive to members

    You can get your very own professionally designed website created by DNA, in 3 easy steps

    1. Select the best option for your business: an information only website or an online store

    2. Complete our easy to use form so we have all the info we need to get going

    3. Sit back and relax while we do the rest. Fast!


Because we want to inspire! Because paying for membership is unfair to those who can't afford it.

Most people don't know why they're doing what they doing.  They go with the flow without making their own path. They spend so much time in pursuit of something that someone convinced them they should want without realising it won't make them happy.  Follow your big dreams.  Know what makes you happy and what's worth doing.

As a member you get a FREE downloadable copy of our 100 Day Journey.

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