How are businesses doing in the wake of COVID-19?  Some are struggling, others are thriving and many others are trying to ADAPT.



Success blockers? Those are the key business factors that when infected, prevent business success but when healthy, are key to success! We develop business hacks that break down success blockers so that business can thrive!

Recognise any of these success blockers in your business?

"Struggling to take your business to the next level or reach the next milestone."

# We have business hacks that scale business growth efficiently and effectively.

"Battling to acquire new customers and keep current customers loyal."

# We have business hacks that help acquire customers and create demand.

# We have business hacks that help retain customers so that loyalty prevails.

"Suffering from current or increased competition."

# We have business hacks to help you stand out from competition beyond price.

"Traditional business model unable to adapt to changing business or customer needs."

# We have business hacks that can evolve your business through innovation and ideation.

"Looking for alternative or new ways to drive revenue or reduce costs."

# We have business hacks to elevate you business proposition from price to value creation for the customer. 

# We have business hacks around profit strategies that drive revenue efficiently.



“That would never work in the real world.”  You hear it all the time when you tell people about a fresh idea. When you tell them about doing things differently.  This real world sounds like an awfully depressing place to live. It’s a place where new ideas, unfamiliar approaches and foreign concepts always lose.  The only things that win are the things that people already know and do.  Even if those things are flawed and inefficient. This is not a sustainable way for businesses to survive.

We unlock business success by opening up a world of opportunities for you that you never knew existed.  We discover clever ways to help you do better and be greater. 

It's called business hacking.

Great business hacking is about discovering clever, efficient and cost effective solutions to business problems. We have various business hacks we use to solve business blockers and add to our repertoire all the time. A typical business hack involves:
>> Connecting people and business in clever ways
>> Developing unusual ideas that solve problems in innovative and smart ways
>> Creating new and better experiences that make people come back for more


Imagine you’re in the business of planting and growing trees and then selling the cut wood to furniture manufacturers.  Competition is tough especially with the downward spiral for demand in authentic furniture.

So we come up with an idea to make charcoal from the wood offcuts and make them available for resale via our network of enthusiastic business people.  You sublet a piece of land to a small family business who processes the charcoal. Another family owned business is brought in to distribute the bags of charcoal to various shops and other resellers.

Your tree felling business now earns an extra income via the sub-letting of a tiny piece of property AND commission on every bag sold.  Best of all, you have put others in business: the charcoal processing business owner, the shops and resellers of the charcoal.

This is thinking differently.

This is community driven business.

This is business hacking.

This is what DNA does.

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