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We call it business hacking.  Understanding your business so that we can meaningfully connect you with the right idea, customers or businesses. We don't charge you because it's our business to know your business - we are in the business of meaningfully connecting your business, for the greater good.

Receive unlimited business opportunities

Meaningful connections mean we connect you with an opportunity in mind.  Receive real business opportunities from the businesses in our community, be it sharing ideal customers,  businesses wanting to sell your (or you theirs) complimentary products/services, and, ideas on collaborative business ideas and ventures.

Access to like-minded business

Being part of this business community means you share the drive to make business better, together.  We vet all business members so that you are surrounded by like-minded businesses that want to collaborate for the greater good, in a mutually beneficial manner.  This enables you to offer opportunities for businesses to connect with you and we will assist in making a meaningful connection for you.

Business related services

DNA can assist you with Business Services through our hand picked business-related experts serving our community.  These services include:

  • Human Resources

  • Finance

  • Tax

  • Legal

  • Technology

  • Recruitment

  • Graphic Design

Do you have a business-related problem requiring solving?
Ask the Business Experts at and we'll be sure to put you in touch with the right expert to solve your challenge.

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